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About Me.


My Mission

  • To shift self-perception and help awaken the truly Divine within 
  • Create united and dynamic marriages 
  • Align minds and hearts to live joyfully and abundantly

Who Am I? 

I love the play of light with shadow and reflections on water and how they create living patterns and mirror life experiences.  I facilitate personal peace, dynamic relationships and powerful joy through a spirit of understanding, play and gratitude. I have been joyfully married for 30+ years to the same wonderful guy.


Through 10+years  of training and a lot more life experience I have learned to love my true divine nature,  and have developed skills to help others awaken their divine identity, strengthen relationships, and enjoy life’s journey to the fullest. I love facilitating the revival of dynamic marriages through deeper understanding, and buidling relationship super skills. 

Education (About 10 years of training in)

  • Understanding Personalities

  • Mind Mastery

  • Mentoring

  • Successful Marriages 

  • Emotional Resilience

  • Thriving with Money 

  • Bachelor's Degree in Speech Therapy and Special Education


  • Teaching meditation, divine purpose, marriage, abundance and emotional resilience courses

  • Taught self worth classes at a Women's Resource Agency

  • Taught and mentored teens and women in self worth and identity

  • Taught marriage classes

  • Substitute teacher in all grades

  • Many other teaching opportunities as a volunteer 

  • Speech therapist

Joyfully Julie

Now Available for Online Sessions

Where we grow in JOY  together.

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